A Rainy Day at Urban AdvenTours

As I write this, it is currently pelting down rain against the shop’s windows. The first real storm of spring brought weather advisories and treacherous roads all over the state. After an absolutely gorgeous day on Saturday, the rainy, slow day was a welcome relief here at UA and allowed us all to get some serious work done while the Chief Wheel Officer took a well-deserved day off. Enjoy this peek into the (fortunately dry) workings of Urban AdvenTours:
Ralph makes sure you can check your reflection in your saddle when you come into the shop.
Jochem Scissormeister
Chris got busy disposing of some shirts we found in the front pouches of rental bikes (just kidding – they were willingly donated). He also finished off every single repair in the shop!
Wild Thang
Bill got a whole new batch of Kona Fire Mountains up and running, and had some fun doing it, too. You should come check these machines out, they’re an amazing bike for the price.
Out on a Limb
Eddy, enjoying his new contact lenses and the improved visual acuity they bring, while wowing customers with his guns of steel.
What was Craiggles doing all this while? Not too much, mostly just preaching to the congregation of bicycles in the Crow’s Nest. Aside from that, he made sure our Zerve site, and our Facebook are all up to date and fresh.
Looks like the rain is stopping soon! Good thing, too – we’ve got a tour booked for this afternoon. Stay dry, everyone!

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