Let the TANDEMONIUM begin!

It’s on. The tandems are here and our guests could not be more psyched. Just look at these cruising machines. Classy right? This is exactly what we mean by pedal power. What could be more delightful, more romantic than an evening ride around the waterfront? Really I’m just jealous, it’s hard to make the light sent of olive oil seem too romantic for anyone in the passenger seat. But onward we go, rolling into summer. It’s June already! Though we’re a bit late with this post, we did say “Rabbit Rabbit” yesterday. It’s an age old tradition for the first of each month to get some good luck. While there isn’t a rabbit’s foot on my ignition keys, what small green business couldn’t use a little bit of good luck?

We could certainly use more great events like the Mass in Motion ride. This campaign to promote wellness and healthy habits gave us a chance to ride with Governor Deval Patrick and the great team at Bikes Not Bombs from the State House out to the Bikes Not Bombs Armory St. shop for an awesome cooking demonstration with help from Laria Foods and Chef Ming Tsai.

Click the photo for more great pictures

Up next: Bikes Not Bombs BIKE-A-THON!

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