Independence Day in Boston + Bikes

Boston is America’s birthplace, so the festivities for America’s birthday are one-of-kind here. Our city bike tours take you by all of the famous landmarks from the American Revolution and our nation’s early beginnings–a perfect way to relive the exciting history from the time of the Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride.

Here at UA we’re celebrating the Fourth by sponsoring another Paul Revere Ride to Freedom. The 25-mile ride covers many historic landmarks, since it takes riders all the way to Lexington and Concord via the Minuteman Bike Trail to see the battle greens where the first battles of the Revolutionary War occurred.

Looking for a way to watch the amazing fireworks display on the Charles River Esplanade, but don’t want to deal with the scores of people on the T? Rent one of our bikes to take less crowded side streets or to cross the river and watch the show from the less congested Cambridge banks.

There are a number of ways that Urban AdvenTours can help you maximize your Fourth of July in Boston. Whether you’re visiting and want to join all the festivities or whether you’re a local who wants to keep it low key, come ride with us for a “wheely” good time.

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