Spreading the Love of Biking on Campus

Calling all college students, get your free bike today!

April Fools right? Sounds too good to be true, but this is not another one of your little brother’s pesky jokes like the one he pulled on you the morning of April 1st (and yes you made him clean up the mess in the bathroom and made a mental note to get rid of all saran wrap from the house next year). Tufts Bikes of Tufts University just launched their bike share program this past Friday.

Tufts Bikes is a student run organization that just wants to spread the love of bicycling all around their campus. They thought, what better way than to give the students access to bikes whenever they want. Thus, the spawning of the Tufts’ Bike Share Program, with the help of Urban AdvenTours as their Official Bike Shop. The program consists of 30 Kona Africabikes and Worldbikes that can be checked out of the library for eight hours at a time. The best part: free of charge. The students only need to present a valid Tufts ID and must remember to return the bike on time.

A basket-load of Kona bikes

Urban AdvenTours did our part by guiding their choice of bikes, and providing them with supplies, advice and some know-how when it came time to build up the fleet. We also helped get them set up with all the tools they’d need to keep the fleet in tiptop shape and work on their own bikes. They’ve got a pretty great setup there, if we do say so ourselves…

Geared out with a full assortment of tools

To honor the opening of this spectacular program, the group organized a celebration of local bike companies and organizations, free food, prizes and of course fun. We sent Brit and Lauren to represent Urban AdvenTours at one of the information tables. Although it had snowed that morning, the turn out for the event at 4PM was great. The free JP Lick’s ice cream and RedBones pulled pork sandwiches really secured an excited crowd, full of energetic students ready to spread their wings and start venturing out of Somerville and Medford and into the city by bike.

We tip our helmets to Tufts Bikes for expanding the bike community and helping to keep this Earth a bit cleaner.

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