5th Annual Bowtie Ride

5th Annual Bowtie Ride – Cambridge MA

Upon arrival in Cambridge Common for the 5th Annual Bowtie Ride, we were greeted by the Cambridge Bicycling Committee with a table of water and snacks for the ride.  Over 180 people showed up, and more people are getting into the spirit of the ride with bowties and other classic regalia.

The ride organizers did a fabulous job, handing out maps of the well-marked route and support staff was on hand to pump up tires. During the ride, which was very casually paced, there was an excellent police escort maintaining safety for all of the riders. Even the route was themed – we coasted about 10 miles along the Cambridge city boundary, which is coincidentally bowtie shaped! And of course, the greatest part of the ride was waiting at the end, in the form of pizza! Overall, another fun fall ride with our friends at Cambridge Bicycling Committee!


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