Nantucket Bike Baskets

On Sunday I was lucky enough to meet Ashley, one of the founders of the Nantucket Bike Basket Co., our supplier for beautiful wicker and rattan baskets. Their elegant and durable baskets can add some island charm to any bicycle!

Ashley was taking a few of our rental bikes out for a few hours to see the USS Constitution and the Charles River. Despite the rainy weather she seemed in good spirits and cheerfully told me more about how Nantucket Bike Basket Co. was started.

Initially, Ashley said, they began making baskets for their own bikes, as her father was already in the basket business. As word spread throughout the island they were approached by Nantucket bike shop Young’s Bicycle Shop, and realized that a supplier of heavy-duty yet attractive bike baskets was missing from the market. As the story goes, the rest is history, and today over 500 retailers in the US are offering Nantucket bike baskets.

Since their humble beginnings only a few years ago, Nantucket Bike Basket Co. is now offering a range of baskets, and Ashley hinted that 2013 will bring a few more models to the floor. Many of these beautiful baskets, from panniers to front baskets, can be seen in The Shop at Urban AdvenTours. Come in to check them out, from the sturdy Cisco Collection to the quintessential Nantucket style with the Lighthouse Collection.

Nantucket Bike Baskets











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